The Project

SusFreight, Sustainable Freight Transport – Now and Tomorrow, is a project co-financed by the Alpine Space Programme under the 5th Call for Proposals. SusFreight aims at addressing the environmental problems related to transports through the natural bottleneck represented by the economically dynamic regions composing the Alpine Space.

Challenges and objectives

Freight transport is heavily affecting the Alpine Space. It is essential for mutual economic growth and development of one of the most important area in the heart of Europe. Nevertheless its negative impacts as noise and air pollution are damaging human living environment.

The objective to tackle these important problems will be reached by mapping and addressing all the potential relevant stakeholders in order to valorise and capitalize the experiences of previous projects tackling sustainable freight transport in the Alpine Space. The main focus lies on the already approved Alpine Space - projects AlpCheck, AlpCheck2, iMonitraf!, PARAmount, POLY5, TranSAFE-Alp and TRANSITECTS in order to capitalize the experience.

The results of this systematic and analytical study and evaluation will be collected in a Recommendation/Position Paper highlighting the achievements produced by projects and calling for more consistency in future transport policies. This Paper will be brought to the attention of the policymakers on regional, national and EU-level in order to raise awareness on a potential macro-regional strategy for the AS for a sustainable freight transport.

The results might be used for a reshaping of EU Programmes (e.g. ASP 2014+), in the thematic field sustainable transport and mobility. Therefore to guarantee efficient and long-lasting impacts, the project will identify key policy actors, institutions and relevant stakeholders on national and transnational level, creating a strong synergy aimed at creating a sensitive ecological awareness. These mutual collaboration will be included in a Policy Organisation Chart with descriptions of institutions and policy fields with relevance for freight transport (in AS) and in a Listing of measures/policies.

Project Activities

The project is structured in 5 Work Packages (WP), consisting of specific actions:

  • WP 1 (project preparation): the WP is coordinated by the German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial development (DV), Lead Partner (LP). He is in charge of the development of the project proposal, structuring of the WPs, constructionof the transnational partnership and the application process.
  • WP 2 (Project management): the WP is coordinated by the DV. It will organize and prepare a series of meetings in order to coordinate partners’ activities and results to ensure the high quality interlinking and project outputs.
  • WP 3 (Information and publicity): this WP is coordinated by the Association of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region that is the responsible for ensuring the capitalization and promotion of the project’s objectives. Within this WP all Partners will exactly define the target groups and targeted measures on different levels, in order to develop a corporate design and realize an effective communication strategy and plan. This WP is strictly linked to WP 4 and WP 5.
  • WP 4(Learning from ASP experience): this WP is coordinated by the Development Agency of Carinthia (EAK). WP 4 will lay ground for recommendations to be delivered in WP 5. All PPs are responsible, under EAK guidance, to prepare a specific scheme for relevant factors related to sustainable freight transport and a consolidated overview report on main strategic achievement and proposals to improve ASP 2014+. All shortcomings and failing of previous ASP projects will be indentified and analyzed.
  • WP 5(Sharing ASP experience): the WP is coordinated by DV. Mapping of stakeholders to raise awareness on the need for consistency in transport policies, in order to elaborate a Recommendation/Position Paper. All PPs will be involved in promoting different actions for future agreements on infrastructure interconnection in order to minimize the existing bottleneck.


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